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Step Up Tuition - private tuition in English & Maths

Why Choose Us?

We are a well-established tuition centre, our fully qualified teachers have helped hundreds of children achieve success.

Why Choose Step Up Tuition?

Children come to our tuition centre in Altrincham for different reasons. It may be to:-

Step Up Tuition - private tuition in English & Maths
•  Increase confidence and understanding in English or Maths

•  Improve reading, writing and spelling

•  Help cope with specific learning difficulties

•  Catch up if they have fallen behind at school

•  Prepare for entrance exams

•  Move up to higher sets

•  Improve GCSE grades


So Why Choose Us?

  We have extensive knowledge and experience of local schools and the Trafford entrance exam requirements. We have built an excellent reputation for improving children's confidence and results.

  We only employ excellent, fully qualified, experienced, DBS checked teachers.

  We give a free assessment and design a learning programme specifically for your child's needs.

  We promise to give you regular feedback on achievement and progress, to review and adjust the learning programme and to act on any concerns you may have.

  We encourage all children to be independent thinkers and learners so that they will get the best out of their school and further education.

  We have a maximum of 4 children per teacher. This ensures your child will feel comfortable and be able to do independent work but still receive the individual attention they need, whenever they need it.

  We believe that learning should be fun so we focus on successes and praise. We reward your child's efforts with achievement awards and prizes.


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Entrance exams

Step Up Tuition - private tuition in English & MathsWe have a thorough understanding of entrance exam requirements and have a very successful track record since we opened in 2002. We have the best available practice materials and have teachers who understand the best ways to approach the different types of questions.

It is important that children are able to cope with the school, not just the exam, so we aim to improve their understanding and skills accordingly.


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Step Up Tuition - private tuition in English & MathsWe give the basic skills of maths our highest priority. These are tables, arithmetic and problem solving. Tables and arithmetic are the fundamental tools of maths and problem solving is necessary as most questions are asked in a wordy way and the children have to work out the maths required.

We have teachers experienced in teaching all levels of maths from early mental maths and basic sums through entrance exam maths, to Grade 9 GCSE topics and iGCSE.

Maths is taught through understanding and we break down the 'method' into pieces that help your child make the link from what they already know to what they need to understand. This gives a permanent and thorough grasp of the topic and ensures that they have a firm foundation to build upon.

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Step Up Tuition - private tuition in English & MathsWe cover all aspects of English, including comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and expressive writing. Our experienced teachers will focus on your child's needs and improve their skills.

GCSE students work on basic skills if required but usually cover more specific topics appropriate to their particular specification. We have extensive resources available including study guides for many of the GCSE exam texts.

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Step Up Tuition - private tuition in English & MathsWe use the most highly regarded reading programme available which is proven to help children improve their reading skills rapidly.

The programme improves children's word attack skills and their general phonic awareness. Parents should note that because sounds and words are best practised daily, they are required to work with their children for about 10 minutes each day.


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Step Up Tuition - private tuition in English & MathsThe spelling materials we use are both written and computer based, covering all levels.
We also have phonics programs to help build a better understanding of sounds and to help improve word attack skills. Spelling is becoming more of a priority and so it is often useful to do some spelling work with students working on other areas of English.



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Lesson Times

Monday & Tuesday

Afternoon 4.00pm - 5.20pm
Evening 5.30pm - 6.50pm


Afternoon 4.20pm - 5.40pm
Evening 5.50pm - 7.10pm


Afternoon 4.00pm - 5.20pm
Evening 5.30pm - 6.50pm


Morning 9.30am - 10.50am
and 11.00am - 12.20pm

'You have been the most wonderful teacher. I couldn't even have wished for a better teacher. I learnt so much, my knowledge has grown wildly and I thank you so much.'

- Ben (pupil)

'Charlotte has come on leaps and bounds since starting her tuition last year! Her school have been amazed at her progress and new found confidence in maths, and made particular comment of it at Parent's Evening this year. Charlotte has loved working with you all. Thank you for your kindness, patience and professional approach to helping her achieve her goals. We couldn't have got there without you.'

- Mrs F (parent)

'You have been the best tutor I have ever had. I wish I could stay longer.'

- Melissa (pupil)

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